Federal Skilled Worker to Accept 25,000 Applications

After the Quebec Immigration selection scheme has reached its highest cap intake for Quebec Skilled Workers, applicants can now apply for the major optional immigration plan, i.e. the Federal Skilled Worker Program. This program is based upon the human capital of an individual and candidates do not need sponsorship from a relative or an employer in Canada. Instead, the applicants will be regarded qualified to become Canadian permanent residents with their potential to be established economically.

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The Federal Skill Worker (FSW) Program will cover 25,000 applicants along with their dependents. Those who missed out on Quebec Skilled Worker Program may apply for this plan. However, they must note the distinction of the occupation lists between the two systems. Federal Skill Worker Program’s 25,000 places will be arranged to 50 jobs with 1,000 places for each profession.

Applicants need to fulfill these following criteria in order to be qualified:

  • Should have no less than 1 year of constant full-time or equivalent paid professional experience in one of the earlier stated 50 qualified jobs in the previous 10 years.

  • Should pass one of two Canadian official languages, i.e. English or French.

  • Must attain as a minimum of 67 points based on the selection factors of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

However, the FSW Program is not applicable for candidates who:

  • Are eligible for Arranged Employment with a full-time, permanent job offer and a Labor Marketing Impact Assessment from an employer in Canada.

  • Have completed 2 years of studying towards a PhD or a PhD completed, in both cases at a recognized Canadian institution. For this type there is a limit of 500 places.

As stated by Attorney David Cohen, the reassuring prospect for individuals who intended to apply under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the door to Canada and it cannot be closed to them, however, their route may now get more complicated.

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How to acquire a work permit for Canada?

Canada is frequently looking for skilled workforce from overseas as there are several employment opportunities available in this part of the world. However, if you want to work in Canada a work permit is required. To obtain it there are certain rules to be followed to apply for it. For some obtaining a work permit is the first stepping stone towards acquiring a citizenship in the near future. Technically, this is the process but to assume that you will be awarded with citizenship at a later a stage is not practical. However, for the time being, let’s focus on the work permits.


The first step to obtain a work permit in Canada you need to submit certain documents for scrutiny to the visa officer. Submit an application for a temporary resident visa as well along with all the required documents about the family, photos and constitutional declaration of the Common-Law Union. In this regard, it would be a wise move to take advice from work permit lawyers in Canada. Although there is an assessment for immigration in Canada but for work permit you need not go through one. There is a point system to evaluate individuals who apply for skilled workers or business visas.


Since the permit allows you to take up a job in Canada, a written document from the Canadian company is essential. The entire process is scrutinized by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. The main purpose of this scrutiny is to ensure that the people who are employed will not affect the country’s interest adversely. Once the HRSDC confirms the candidate, he or she can apply for the work permit to the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Interestingly, these permits allow the individual to bring his or her spouse although they cannot work in the country.

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Besides the documents, an applicant is also assessed on several requirements. For instance, to apply for a particular job you require at least a year’s experience in the same filed in the last 3 years. It is also helpful to have a recommendation letter. To provide a comprehensive summary about your experience and skills produce your resume. But the most important tip that you must remember to initiate the process to acquire a work permit 12 months prior from the date you want to go. The Canadian authorities might ask for additional documents as well. Thus, be prepared to arrange them.

Canadian Government Is Improving Start-Up Visa Application System

Since its inception in early 2013, the Start-up Visa Program of Canada has been held only twice till date. According to Chris Alexander, Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the program will receive quite a lot of changes for the purpose of reducing the processing time. It is an experimental program intended to grant visa to entrepreneurs.

Presently 1 year is the expected time frame required to process a Start-up visa application. By many entrepreneurs and investors it is believed that the current procedure is time-consuming. Hence, on January 1, 2015, Canadian Citizenship and Immigration system will bring forth the Express Entry program in order to meet the demand of applicants while increasing the processing speed of applications.

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As stated by Minister Alexander, for economic immigrants, they are going to be shifting to a 6 month processing standard, and this shorter time frame will ensure that they move at the business speed. He also added that they have sent a message clearly and loudly all across the world that Canada is open for business and welcomes talented immigrants becoming one of the world’s best destinations to do a Start-up.

Canadian employers and especially those operating in the technology sector highly appreciate the news of the government putting in an effort to fine tune the Start-up Visa Program. A sped up process of Canada’s Start-up Visa application will help the technology organizations of the nation compete with other business sectors worldwide in terms of drawing new talents. The immigration system has issued visas to two Ukrainians so far and they are specialist employees of the accelerator GrowLab in Vancouver.

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada you are recommended to hire an expert immigration lawyer. He will guide you throughout the process with suggestion and information on which visa type will best suit your needs. Also try a visa eligibility assessment to evaluate whether you are eligible before applying for a Canadian Visa.

Canadian Government Announces Increase in the Number of Filipino Visitors

Canada welcomed a record number of visitors in 2013 from the Philippines and for Filipino visitors travelling this nation more than 47,000 visas were issued. And as announced by Mr. Chris Alexander shortly, the Citizenship and Immigration Minister in Canada, since 2012 the number of Canadian visitors visas granted to Filipino citizens has increased by 6%. He also added that this is again a 57% increase since 2006.

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Additionally, there were about 30,000 people of Filipino descent who became permanent Canadian residents. Thus, the Philippines has become the third most important source countries for migration to Canada. As stated by Mr. Alexander, more than 650,000 Canadian permanent residents can trace their roots in the Philippines, and now there are an increasing number of Filipino citizens who can study at Canadian universities and colleges, visit family and friends there, or migrate to Canada as permanent residents.

The Canadian immigration system was improved way more due to the efforts the government put in. The initiative on part of the Canadian government was intended to facilitate the country’s immigration process, making the system fast and flexible. Legitimate tourism and immigration to Canada from the Philippines has been improved, helping strengthen growth and economic prosperity all over the nation.

Since 2006, the country has seen the highest persistent levels of migration in the history of Canada, with an average of over 250,000 new visitors every year. Newcomers to this country can benefit from the Multiple Entry Visa. This system allows qualified visitors to come to and go from this country for six months at a time up to ten years.

If you are interested to come and study or work in Canada, consult an experienced immigration lawyer for guidance on which visa will best suit your requirement criteria. Legal professionals will offer you information on Canadian immigration questionnaire.

India Continues to Remain Top Source Country of Immigrants to Canada

India continues to be a significant source country of migrants to Canada and one million plus Canadian people trace their roots to India. Canadians of Indian descent are found to be contributing significantly when it comes to building a fruitfully pluralistic and flourishing Canada. Recently, Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada has delivered an important speech in at the Pearson Convention Centre in Toronto.

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During his speech, Prime Minister Harper highlighted that India is now the top source country for migration to Canada. And this happened due to the changes lately made by the Canadian government and those alterations are intended to facilitate immigration to Canada from India.

As said by Mr. Harper, “immigration enriches the nation”. He also added that nowadays, India is Canada’s prime source nation of immigrants. And this very well explains the reasons working behind the huge population of the Indo-Canadian community of the nation, that is more that 1.2 million and still growing stronger. Canada has a proud history of Indo-Canadian community.

He referred to the eight Canadian consular and trade offices in India, including Bangalore, New Delhi, Chandigarh and Ahmadabad. He evaluated the way changes have been made to immigration regulations by his Conservative government, making it simpler for immigrants to visit Canada. In 2005, about 2500 student visas were granted to the students of India and in 2014, that number has emerged just about 14,000.

At the conference, The Prime Minister also talked about Mr. Chris Alexander’s first visit to India shortly for the purpose of announcing the CAN+ program. Under the scheme, there is a 95 percent approval rate, in terms of making more Indians able to come to the country or initiate business there. The program was intended for Indians who have already visited the US or Canada.

Mr. Harper concluded on a positive note by saying that irrespective of gender people persistently pursue their ambition to build a more prosperous and improved life for themselves and their families, and thus in the process contribute to helping this country greatly. You can hire a leading Immigration lawyer in Toronto to assist you in applying for the process.

Live-in Caregiver Visa Program & Canada Immigration Reform

Canadian government has decided to consider reforms to the visa program for live-in caregiver in the near future. In a discussion with the editorial board members of the National Post in Toronto, Minister Kenney offered his speech regarding the temporary foreign workers program in Canada. He said that the live-in caregiver scheme that allows nannies from overseas to come to this country to live and work with a Canadian family has been distorted in its nature and has become a hidden family reunification plan.

Thousands of applicants abroad are using it to come and get engaged in other profession for their own Canadian relatives rather than caregivers. Thus, as per the decision of the conservative government, the future of this visa program that allows families to bring nannies from overseas is in limbo, being the next in line for a shakeup.Work Permit In Canada

The government is choosing to leave this program largely untouched as of now, despite public servants’ years of internal warnings that it has been used as a family reunification program, particularly for the Filipino community in Canada.

Internal documents show that the Canadian embassy has been alerting colleagues in Manila and since 2007 this fraud has been an ongoing crisis in the live-in caregiver program and the absence of mothers was causing disruption and infidelity in families that are left behind in the Philippines. A report in 2011 by Citizenship and Immigration, similar warnings were repeated. The report also noted that large percentages of nannies are brought into Canada to work for their own relatives.

Live-in caregivers come to this country through the temporary foreign worker visa program; however, when Ottawa declared major changes lately, the caregiver component along with the rules for agricultural workers was mostly unchanged.

Applicants are made eligible for permanent residence in Canada after 2 years of employment in the country by the live-in caregiver program which fairly different from Canadian temporary work visa programs. As said by the minister, through the program the number of applicants looking to get permanent resident status just ran out of control.

Minister Kenney also added that in the very near future his colleague, Chris Alexander, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration will be announcing reforms to this program. However, details on what the reforms were and when they would be executed would not be divulged.

If you are willing to apply for a visa to immigrate to Canada, consult a leading work permit lawyers in Canada for advice and information on which visa is best suited to you.

Applying for a Canadian Student Visa

Studying in Canada can be an exciting prospect, especially since the education scene is so bright and ambitious over there. But often our excitement can simply diffuse when we think about the entire visa procedure to endure. To study there, you will need a study permit which will act as student visa. This permit is not needed if the program or course lasts for less than six months. But applying for permit before hand is a sensible thing as there will not be any problems in case you want to continue the study and join some other program perhaps.


A standardized acceptance letter must be obtained from some recognized higher education provider. This must be acquired even before applying for study permits. This may be obtained online.Both papers as well as online application can be made by your Canadian visa specialist. The entire process has been discussed below.

1. A website or local visa office can help you get a package related to student visa application. If you belong from one of the designated countries, then a temporary residence permit has to be obtained as well.

2. Then there is a questionnaire where you have to write some answers which will evaluate your eligibility for the application.

3. Eligible candidates will get a personal checklist code which will have a validity of 60 days and within this time period you will have to submit the online application. In fact,  it is best to go online since offline procedure takes twice the amount of time. An application guide along with several necessary details will be included in the page.

4. An account needs to be created in the necessary site when you want to apply and there the personal checklist code must be entered. Then a personal document checklist will be given to you where you will have to upload and send all relevant documents.

5. After filling up the application form, you have to include all your documents and pay your fees to submit the full form.

6. In some cases, some applicants may need to attend interviews at the local visa office.

Some things to remember:

  • Students of some specific countries may have to provide biometrics.
  • You may have to show your valid passport along with a couple of passport-sized photos with date of birth and name written on their back may need to be submitted.
  • In some cases, applicants may have to go through police check and medical exams before submission of the application.

Although you might feel a bit puzzled about applying for your visa, a professional may be able to help you out and clear out all confusions so that the prospect and the experience of studying in Canada turns out to be memorable. 

Canadian Work Visa Guide for Skilled Workers & Employers

For a number of skilled workers from all across the world, working in Canada is an attractive option for. Every year, nearly 200,000 foreign capable employees come to Canada to work on Temporary Work Permits. And if you too are looking for the same, here is a brief account of Canadian work visa fundamentals for you. In the Western World, Canada is one of the few nations actively looking for immigrants. Hence, any eligible foreign candidate wishing to migrate to Canada will qualify for Independent Immigration under the nation’s immigration law system.

However, independent immigration is a fairly lengthy process and if you are looking to apply for a Canadian work visa, it is wise to hire an experienced immigration lawyer to get assistance through your visa application process. This type of Canadian work visas is often used by employers in order to bring in senior executives or managers. It may also be used for the purpose of employing highly potential individuals to fill a vacancy. And this vacancy has been validated to show that, in spite of vital staffing efforts, it has not been possible to find a deserving skilled permanent resident in Canada.


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Categories without validation

Below are mentioned some of the categories of foreign workers that has no need to be validated by a Canadian Human Resource Centre and this simplifies an application process to some extent.

  • As intra-company transferees senior executives or managers looking for entering Canada.
  • Some performers or musicians having a contract to perform in Canada.
  • Volunteers who have been given positions with registered charitable or religious organization in Canada.
  • Movie crews going to travelogues or film documentaries in Canada.
  • Postdoctoral fellows.
  • Exchange Professors.
  • Technicians or engineers going to supervise the installation of devices or repair or service them delivered by their company to a Canadian client.

Apart from the exceptional factors described above, vacancies will need validation from the Canadian Human Resource Centre. Usually the spouse of people with work authorization must have their own job authorization in order to be able to work in Canada.

Documents required

The essential data required to apply for a work visa include employer references job offer, completed form, qualifications and, if applicable the validation from a Human Resources Centre Canada.

New Multiple Entry Visitor Visas for Travelers Visiting Canada

Multiple-entry visas are made accessible for travelers visiting Canada. From February 6, 2014 onwards, visitors to Canada will be automatically allowed multiple-entry visas. This type of visa will help qualified visitors in coming to and going from Canada for up to 10 years and for six months at once. And for this they do not need to reapply every time. Here comes another good news for the applicants! Eager to know what’s that? Well, it is that now the cost for the processing of either a single visa or multiple-entry visas will get reduced. The fee for TRV or the temporary resident visa program will become $100 from $150.

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The application process of visas will be made simpler for applicants by balancing the single- and multiple-entry visa fees. The upgraded process will also promote trade and tourism by increasing the number of qualified tourists who are able to make several visits to Canada. In the temporary resident program which has been made active since February 6, 2014, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will raise other fees. These changes ensure that the fees closely reflect the true cost of the application process.

As said by Mr. Chris Alexander, the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration minister, the government of Canada remains devoted to attracting travelers for the purpose of facilitating genuine trade and tourism. He also added that they are overwhelmed to have welcomed a huge number of visitors who are really enjoying the advantages of the flexibility of the convenient Multiple-Entry Visa.

The accessibility of the multiple entry visa option has become a popular choice among travelers from Mexico, India and China and people holding 10-year passports are entitled to apply for a 10-year visa. Additionally, if the travelers from Brazil and Philippines hold 5-year passports they are qualified to apply for a 5-year visa. For Mexican citizens, Canada lately organized a new facilitative program, namely CAN+ to make the entire application process simpler and faster for Mexican nationals visiting Canada.

Every year, Canada welcomes more than 35 million travelers from all over the world. And only in the last two years, the country has a record number, i.e. about 2 million visitor visas from applicants worldwide. So, if you are looking to migrate to Canada and not yet sure whether you are eligible to apply for your visa, immediately hire a leading immigration lawyer for proper guidance and consultation. 

Canadian Government Easing Visa Process for Mexicans

A pilot program known as CAN+ was announced to become a lasting fixture for Canadian immigration system. This program was intended to promote better business affairs with Mexico through easing various existing trade and tourism restrictions. Mr. Chris Alexander, the Citizenship and Immigration Minister of Canada introduced this new agenda on May 12, 2014.

CAN+ program

Mexicans who visited the U.S or Canada within the last ten years can be entitled to expedited visa processing under the CAN+ policy. For Mexican nationals, this new venture will surely make traveling to Canada faster and easier.

As said by Minister Alexander, the government of Canada is welcoming the economic growth by protecting the integrity of national immigration system. With the effort to make the CAN+ program permanent, Canadian government is opening the door to national economic enhancement, thereby helping Mexican travelers coming to Canada in order to do business, visit friends or family and augment the national tourism industry. He is also optimistic about the fact that this policy will further work for improving relations with their valued NAFTA partner while fostering economic growth in both the nations.

However, for Mexican nationals, the government of Canada has not changed any other necessities when it comes to seeking a TRV or Temporary Resident Visa. The new pilot program is expected to improve the visa processing by 50% or more for Mexicans traveling to Canada.

Apart from the CAN+ program, the other programs that the federal government has introduced in order to help certain Mexican travelers enter Canada more easily include:

  •  Travel Express- It offers expedited processing for travelers using travel agencies which are registered with the embassy of Canada.
  • Mexican Student Pilot- It is intended to help Mexican students coming to Canada for the purpose of studying, by expediting the issuance of study permits.

Hence, if you are planning to come to Canada to stay, study or work, contact expert immigration lawyer in Toronto for information and guidance on which visa best suits you requirements.