Canadian Government Announces Increase in the Number of Filipino Visitors

Canada welcomed a record number of visitors in 2013 from the Philippines and for Filipino visitors travelling this nation more than 47,000 visas were issued. And as announced by Mr. Chris Alexander shortly, the Citizenship and Immigration Minister in Canada, since 2012 the number of Canadian visitors visas granted to Filipino citizens has increased by 6%. He also added that this is again a 57% increase since 2006.

CAN+ program

Additionally, there were about 30,000 people of Filipino descent who became permanent Canadian residents. Thus, the Philippines has become the third most important source countries for migration to Canada. As stated by Mr. Alexander, more than 650,000 Canadian permanent residents can trace their roots in the Philippines, and now there are an increasing number of Filipino citizens who can study at Canadian universities and colleges, visit family and friends there, or migrate to Canada as permanent residents.

The Canadian immigration system was improved way more due to the efforts the government put in. The initiative on part of the Canadian government was intended to facilitate the country’s immigration process, making the system fast and flexible. Legitimate tourism and immigration to Canada from the Philippines has been improved, helping strengthen growth and economic prosperity all over the nation.

Since 2006, the country has seen the highest persistent levels of migration in the history of Canada, with an average of over 250,000 new visitors every year. Newcomers to this country can benefit from the Multiple Entry Visa. This system allows qualified visitors to come to and go from this country for six months at a time up to ten years.

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