Canadian Government Is Improving Start-Up Visa Application System

Since its inception in early 2013, the Start-up Visa Program of Canada has been held only twice till date. According to Chris Alexander, Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the program will receive quite a lot of changes for the purpose of reducing the processing time. It is an experimental program intended to grant visa to entrepreneurs.

Presently 1 year is the expected time frame required to process a Start-up visa application. By many entrepreneurs and investors it is believed that the current procedure is time-consuming. Hence, on January 1, 2015, Canadian Citizenship and Immigration system will bring forth the Express Entry program in order to meet the demand of applicants while increasing the processing speed of applications.

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As stated by Minister Alexander, for economic immigrants, they are going to be shifting to a 6 month processing standard, and this shorter time frame will ensure that they move at the business speed. He also added that they have sent a message clearly and loudly all across the world that Canada is open for business and welcomes talented immigrants becoming one of the world’s best destinations to do a Start-up.

Canadian employers and especially those operating in the technology sector highly appreciate the news of the government putting in an effort to fine tune the Start-up Visa Program. A sped up process of Canada’s Start-up Visa application will help the technology organizations of the nation compete with other business sectors worldwide in terms of drawing new talents. The immigration system has issued visas to two Ukrainians so far and they are specialist employees of the accelerator GrowLab in Vancouver.

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