Federal Skilled Worker to Accept 25,000 Applications

After the Quebec Immigration selection scheme has reached its highest cap intake for Quebec Skilled Workers, applicants can now apply for the major optional immigration plan, i.e. the Federal Skilled Worker Program. This program is based upon the human capital of an individual and candidates do not need sponsorship from a relative or an employer in Canada. Instead, the applicants will be regarded qualified to become Canadian permanent residents with their potential to be established economically.

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The Federal Skill Worker (FSW) Program will cover 25,000 applicants along with their dependents. Those who missed out on Quebec Skilled Worker Program may apply for this plan. However, they must note the distinction of the occupation lists between the two systems. Federal Skill Worker Program’s 25,000 places will be arranged to 50 jobs with 1,000 places for each profession.

Applicants need to fulfill these following criteria in order to be qualified:

  • Should have no less than 1 year of constant full-time or equivalent paid professional experience in one of the earlier stated 50 qualified jobs in the previous 10 years.

  • Should pass one of two Canadian official languages, i.e. English or French.

  • Must attain as a minimum of 67 points based on the selection factors of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

However, the FSW Program is not applicable for candidates who:

  • Are eligible for Arranged Employment with a full-time, permanent job offer and a Labor Marketing Impact Assessment from an employer in Canada.

  • Have completed 2 years of studying towards a PhD or a PhD completed, in both cases at a recognized Canadian institution. For this type there is a limit of 500 places.

As stated by Attorney David Cohen, the reassuring prospect for individuals who intended to apply under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the door to Canada and it cannot be closed to them, however, their route may now get more complicated.

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