India Continues to Remain Top Source Country of Immigrants to Canada

India continues to be a significant source country of migrants to Canada and one million plus Canadian people trace their roots to India. Canadians of Indian descent are found to be contributing significantly when it comes to building a fruitfully pluralistic and flourishing Canada. Recently, Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada has delivered an important speech in at the Pearson Convention Centre in Toronto.

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During his speech, Prime Minister Harper highlighted that India is now the top source country for migration to Canada. And this happened due to the changes lately made by the Canadian government and those alterations are intended to facilitate immigration to Canada from India.

As said by Mr. Harper, “immigration enriches the nation”. He also added that nowadays, India is Canada’s prime source nation of immigrants. And this very well explains the reasons working behind the huge population of the Indo-Canadian community of the nation, that is more that 1.2 million and still growing stronger. Canada has a proud history of Indo-Canadian community.

He referred to the eight Canadian consular and trade offices in India, including Bangalore, New Delhi, Chandigarh and Ahmadabad. He evaluated the way changes have been made to immigration regulations by his Conservative government, making it simpler for immigrants to visit Canada. In 2005, about 2500 student visas were granted to the students of India and in 2014, that number has emerged just about 14,000.

At the conference, The Prime Minister also talked about Mr. Chris Alexander’s first visit to India shortly for the purpose of announcing the CAN+ program. Under the scheme, there is a 95 percent approval rate, in terms of making more Indians able to come to the country or initiate business there. The program was intended for Indians who have already visited the US or Canada.

Mr. Harper concluded on a positive note by saying that irrespective of gender people persistently pursue their ambition to build a more prosperous and improved life for themselves and their families, and thus in the process contribute to helping this country greatly. You can hire a leading Immigration lawyer in Toronto to assist you in applying for the process.

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