Experienced Immigration Lawyer Toronto


Experienced Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

If you need to hire an Immigration Lawyer in Toronto, the Law Office of Zeeshan Ullah is here to help. Immigration Law is very specialized and there are many facets within the law so it’s imperative that you find someone with expertise in Immigration Law to handle your case and advocate on your behalf. As an Immigration lawyer in Toronto, Zeeshan has many years of practice in every aspect of Immigration Law and can be trusted to handle your case with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

The list comprises some of the most important aspects of Immigration Law that may apply to your case:

  • Application for Canadian Citizenship
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Establishing permanent Residence
  • Family/ Spousal Sponsorship
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Parent and Grandparent Super Visa
  • Skilled Professional Immigration
  • Student Visas
  • Visitor Visas

Every facet of Immigration Law is unique and it takes an experienced Immigration Lawyer.

How Will An Immigration Lawyer in Toronto Help You?

Immigration Lawyer`s in Toronto are accredited by a Provincial Law Society before being allowed to practice law and give advice in legal matters. We have a tremendous amount of training in Immigration Law and have learned exactly how the immigration process works. There are vast amounts of resources that we are able to access while reviewing case law in preparing for your case.

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To qualify for a Canada Immigration Visa (Permanent Resident) or a Canadian Federal Skilled Worker (Professional) applicants are required to:

  • Show proof of communication abilities in at least of Canada’s two official languages, English or French.
  • Present a proof of paid employment for a minimum of one year working full-time or the equivalent in paid work experience in the last ten years; or
  • Possess the necessary qualification for an arranged employment, hold an opinion about the Labour Market and an offer for a full-time permanent job from a Canadian employer; or
  • Have completed a PhD program form a reputable and recognized Canadian university or completed a minimum of two years coursework in Canada towards attaining a PhD from a recognized University in Canada.

Canadian experience class is an opportunity to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Eligibility for this opportunity is a mandatory employment status in Canada for at least 12 months to be considered as an applicant under this category.

Family Sponsorship is the provision under the Canadian Immigration laws which permit a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Canada to provide sponsorship for immigration applicants.

The parent/grandparent super visa is a special immigration provision which enables parents and grandparents to stay in Canada for up to two years. This class of visa is valid for ten years, during this period, parents and grandparents will be permitted to leave and re-enter the country.

Securing a Study Permit allows individuals from foreign countries a temporary resident permit covering the period they will be studying in a specific program at an educational institution in Canada. The study permit is compulsory criteria for international students to attend educational institutions in Canada; however, there might be some exceptions in special cases.

Temporary visits to Canada will require a Temporary Resident Visa, only citizens from countries that have been granted visa exemption will be allowed to pay visits without a Temporary Resident Visa. The Temporary Resident Visa can be secured from Canadian Immigration Visa Offices located outside Canada. It should be noted that successful visa applicants for the Temporary Resident Visa are not guaranteed of being admitted into Canada by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Officer at the Canadian border.

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