H & C Application

This application is for people already in Canada and will not prevent you from being deported.  In order to prevail in the process the applicant must be able to clearly explain his or her current situation to the CIC.  The Immigration Officers have to listen and evaluate the situation and make the decision as to whether the application has a strong enough argument to warrant an exemption.  One must meet a very high threshold and this is never easy.  The evidence must be very compelling indeed.

The documents required for this application:

  • Your Identity Documents from your country of origin, e.g. your passport
  • Any other important documentary evidence supporting your argument to stay in Canada

You must prove that you are at risk if you are sent back to you country.  You may also want to show your commitment to Canada with:

  • Any letters of recommendation and support from friends, school mates or work
  • Proof that you’ve improved your skills by having specialized training or coursework
  • Proof that you have financial assets in Canada.  Copies of your most recent Notice of Assessment from Canada Customs and Revenue.
  • Show by your actions that you have adapted and have plans for a future in Canada.

During this entire process it is up to you to keep CIC informed and up to date on any new or relevant information to your application for Humanitarian & Compassionate stay in Canada.

If you have gotten married, started a new job, had a child or suffered a death you must inform the CIC as this may be relevant.

If your application is not approved, you will be deported from Canada.

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