Why Our Law Firm

What Can We Do For You?

When you retain the Law Office of Zeeshan Ullah to represent you in your immigration matter, you will have chosen professionals who will take care of your best interests at all times. Our skill and expertise will ensure that you are applying for the category that best represents your needs. We will assume responsibility for all the required paperwork, applications, forms and documents. We will expertly review your completed application prior to submitting it to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If there are any questions or concerns our office will represent you before Citizenship and Immigration Canada, speaking on your behalf. All communication will be relayed back to you promptly. In order to prevent long delays in the process, it is critical that all paperwork be completed and processed correctly and for this you need experts. If your application is somehow denied, we know exactly what to do to continue the fight.

Why Are We The Best Choice?

In a matter as critical as your immigration status it is imperative that you have someone whose main area of practice is Immigration Law explain your rights and advocate on your behalf. There are many Immigration Lawyers Toronto to choose from however we have the passion and desire to fight for your right to stay in Canada. No case is too big or too small so even if it is just the immigration forms or paperwork that you need help with, you cannot afford to make a mistake, the Law Office of Zeeshan Ullah is here to help. We are Immigration lawyers Toronto who are with you every step of the immigration process, who have the knowledge and skills to fight for your legal right to remain in Canada.

Why is Immigration Law Different?

There are many facets and details in this area of the law but what is most unique about Immigration Law is that you are not only dealing with the laws of Canada, but the laws of another country as well. If someone wants to move permanently to Canada and eventually become a Canadian citizen, they need to know what is required in their home country to initiate the process. There are certain countries that won’t allow citizens to leave permanently without proper paperwork being completed. Other countries disallow this altogether and their citizens will need to apply for amnesty. Every case is different and if you want a highly skilled, experienced Immigration Lawyer Toronto who will focus in on the details of your situation you need the Law Office of Zeeshan Ullah.